Women’s Rights

As Donald Trump and his allies wage war on women, Daniel believes that personal medical decisions should be made between women and their doctors. Daniel will fight to fully fund Planned Parenthood and protect women’s right to choose. Supporting and protecting women’s rights is one of Daniel’s core values, and he will stand against out-of-touch politicians who are cruelly trying to strip away access to breast cancer screenings and reproductive healthcare.

The state’s budget crisis has decimated domestic violence shelters throughout the state. As state representative, Daniel will fight for a budget that fully and reliably funds shelters and other trauma-informed support services for survivors of domestic violence. Illinois must invest in programs that will break the cycle and prioritize screening, detection and healing for children and families experiencing domestic violence.

As a state legislator, Daniel will be a vocal advocate for women’s equality in the workplace. He supports strengthening Illinois’s Equal Pay Act and enacting tougher measures to keep workplaces free from harassment and discrimination. Daniel will also encourage the governor to select women for at least half of the state’s appointed positions.