Fighting the Trump Agenda

Donald Trump and his allies are committed to rolling back the protections in the Affordable Care Act. Daniel supports efforts that will ensure Illinois residents continue to benefit from those protections, such as proposals that will prohibit insurance companies in Illinois from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. He believes that Illinois should also become the first state in the nation to enact a responsible state-level public option for health insurance, which would enable residents to access affordable, quality care while providing competition to for-profit insurance companies that continuously raise rates on our neighbors who can least afford it.

Donald Trump’s tax plan gives huge tax cuts to corporations and billionaires, while raising taxes for many middle-class families. Daniel supports a progressive tax that will force billionaires and the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share. Our community will also be hit hard from provisions in the Trump tax plan that limit the deductions provided to residents who pay high property taxes. Property tax relief is one of Daniel’s highest priorities, which is why he will fight for a property tax freeze and increased exemptions for middle-class homeowners, seniors and veteran.

The anti-science Trump administration is damaging our community and our planet by abandoning the Clean Power Plan and pushing policies that will increase our reliance on fossil fuels. Daniel believes Illinois should boost its economy by investing in the green jobs of the future, such as high-speed rail and infrastructure that will support electric and driverless vehicles.

We cannot allow Donald Trump’s politics of division to infect our home in Illinois. Donald Trump’s mean-spirited commitment to insulting minority groups, denigrating women and dividing our country should not have any place in politics. Daniel’s campaign will be focused on the issues that matter to our community, not petty differences or childish insults.