Vernon Township supervisor and Buffalo Grove Resident Daniel Didech was endorsed by the Illinois AFL-CIO in the Democratic primary for the 59th District state representative Wednesday after pledging to uphold middle class values and the right to collectively bargain.

“We’re proud to support Daniel for state representative because he understand the issues that face middle class working families and will work to ensure their voices are heard,” Illinois AFL-CIO COPE Chairman for the 10th Congressional District Luis Rivas said. “Daniel knows the value of making sure every resident has the opportunity to receive a fair wage and will be a strong representative for working families.”

Didech is supportive of securing the right for labor to collectively bargain for wages, benefits and working conditions for employees. He has opposed efforts from the governor to weaken the ability of unions to fairly represent their members, and has rejected proposals that would create “right to work” areas that reduce the ability of workers to earn a living wage.

The Illinois AFL-CIO represents over 900,000 union members employed in various services and trades.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement from the AFL-CIO and the thousands of hardworking families they help represent,” Didech said. “In recent years, the middle-class and labor organizations have been unfairly targeted by Bruce Rauner and out of touch politicians who want to slash wages and reduce safety standards. We need to put Springfield back on track y supporting the middle-class and securing everyone’s opportunity to earn a living wage.”