Noting his commitment to reduce property taxes and make government more efficient, former State Rep. Kathy Ryg, D-Vernon Hills, endorsed Vernon Township Supervisor and Buffalo Grove resident Daniel Didech in the Democratic Primary for the 59th District state representative on Wednesday.

“I’m excited to endorse Daniel for state representative because he continues to prove himself as someone that is committed to meaningful government reforms, independent redistricting, reducing the property tax burden and making government more efficient on all levels,” Ryg said. “We need representatives with proven track records, and Daniel has shown on the township level that he will proactively take action on behalf of taxpayers. We need more people like Daniel in Springfield.”

Ryg highlighted Didech’s efforts to reduce the property tax burden in Vernon Township by five percent, as well as his initiative to consolidate unnecessary units of local government in order to save money for taxpayers. Didech is pushing for a statewide freeze on property taxes, as well as backing proposals to increase exemptions available to seniors, veterans and all homeowners. Additionally, Didech supports independent redistricting efforts aimed at taking out politicians out of the process of drawing legislative maps in order to create fairer elections.

Ryg served as state representative for the 59th District from 2003 to 2009.

“I am grateful to receive support from Rep. Ryg, and am thankful for her years of service tot eh residents of our community,” Didech said. “I look forward to continuing her efforts to make Springfield more accountable to the taxpayers and to our government more effective.”