Meet Dan

Daniel Didech was raised in Buffalo Grove by a family of small business owners. A graduate of Stevenson High School and District 96 schools, Daniel returned to Buffalo Grove after completing law school with his wife, Jen, who is a 6th grade math teacher at Twin Groves Middle School.

When he turned 16, Daniel’s first job was selling hot dogs as a union seat vendor at Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox games. As a teenager taking the Skokie Swift and the red line every day to work in the service industry, Daniel learned early the value of a strong work ethic, respect and equality, and the belief that every worker deserves the right to earn middle-class wages.

During law school, Daniel worked at Jewish Child & Family Services where he advocated for children with special needs and their families. Currently, Daniel works as a local government attorney, where he provides legal counsel to suburban villages, school districts, park districts and community colleges.

Frustrated that Vernon Township officials continued to raise our property taxes while at the same time giving themselves automatic salary increases, in 2016 Daniel decided to run for Vernon Township Supervisor, promising to return the elected official pay bumps to the township’s food pantry. Earning 62% of the vote, Daniel and his slate of trustee candidates swept the township election, defeating a group of entrenched career politicians that had held office for half a century.

In his first year as Vernon Township Supervisor, Daniel cut the township’s property tax by over 5%, while at the same time expanding services that the township provides to our community. He did this by identifying alternative sources of revenue so the township is less reliant on property taxes, and by cutting wasteful and unnecessary administrative expenses. Daniel has also fought to save taxpayers more money by championing the consolidation of the Vernon Township Road District, an unnecessary and wasteful taxing body that operates with virtually no oversight or accountability.

Under Daniel’s leadership, Vernon Township reformed its food pantry into a “grocery store experience”. He converted the township’s board room into a grocery store, so now our community’s most vulnerable neighbors, including seniors, immigrants and single mothers, are provided with healthful foods in a dignified manner. He also initiated an after-school STEM program, which was so successful that it is being expanded to a STEM summer camp program that will provide our community with a fun, educational alternative to traditional summer camps.

After Carol Sente announced that she would not seek re-election, Daniel decided to run for State Representative because Springfield needs more leaders with a proven track record of cutting property taxes, fighting for the middle-class, and taking on the career politicians who are holding our community back.